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If you ask my mom to describe me, she will say, "She never sits down." I have never been content with staying in one place or doing one thing. The love for meeting new people and exploring new areas or ideas was developed as a child through annual family vacations. Now settling in Houston, I am even more inspired in shaping a hobby into a service.  

I have traveled domestic and international with friends for the past four years. I now want to share my past experiences & future trips & tips with you!

Tips to Traveling is a traveling and event service that guides travelers in organizing their next memorable travel experience.  We will handle every detail to save you time and stress. Our services include itinerary planning that extend to reserving and booking, on your behalf, for a luxurious experience. 

Not only can we plan your next travel but also a private, special occassion. We can ease the stress by planning your next birthday dinner party, anniversary date or a simple night with the girls. 

-B. McGuire, Founder

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